Liga MX Pumas vs. Veracruz

The game kicks off and 2 minutes in Alan Mozo on Pumas got a shot that had no chance of going in the goal. In the 8th minute, Felipe Mora on Pumas shoots and gets the ball in the goal but he was offsides. In the 19th minute, Carlos Gonzales on Pumas has a chance to score but the ball goes just over the post. In the 25th minute Pumas had a big chance to score. In the 30th minute Pumas had their biggest chance so far this game but misses again. In the 37th minute Adrian Luna on Veracruz fouls and scores. Since it was a foul, the goal didn’t count. 4 minutes later Veracruz shoots and the ball goes over the goal. The first half ends 0-0.

The second half starts, with not much going on. In the 60th minute Pumas’ Alan Mendoza comes off the field and Juan Iturbe comes on. 1 minute later, Cristian Osvaldo Gonzales on Veracruz gets a yellow card. 3 minutes later, Juan who just came on gets switched with Brian Figeroa. In the 66th minute, Adrian Luna on Veracruz comes off and Nene Bonhila comes on. In the 71st minute, Veracruz’s Diego Chavez-Collins goes off and Ronaldo Prieto goes on. In the 77th minute, David Cabrera Pujol comes on, Martin Rodriguez goes off for Pumas. In the 80th minute, Pumas has another big chance that just misses. In the 82nd minute Jefferson Murillo gets a late red card. In the 85th minute Veracruz has a big chance but his shot was like passing to the goalkeeper. During that same minute, Veracruz’s Bryan Carrasco goes off and Joe Abrigo comes off. In the 89th minute Pumas gets a free kick and misses. In the 90th minute Veracruz takes a shot that makes him look like he is lucky to be in Liga MX. In the 90+3rd minute, Pumas has a big chance and that is when the game ends.

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