Liga MX Cruz Azul vs. Guadalajara

The game begins with just some passing, a chance and corner for Cruz Azul. A big chance for Guadalajara happens in the 11th minute. In the 30th minute, Guadalajara gets a corner and nearly scores from it. In the 36th minute, Cruz Azul gets a free kick just outside the box that goes just over the post. In the 42nd minute, Cruz Azul has a big chance to score but they don’t. They also miss in the 43rd minute. The first half ends in the 45+2nd minute with many chances, but not much action other that.

The second half begins with a early chance for Guadalajara. In the 50th minute Cruz Azul gets a few chances to score but doesn’t score. In the 58th minute, Guadalajara has a big chance to score. In the 65th minute, Cruz Azul had their biggest chance yet. In the 66th minute, Milton Caraglio comes on and Martin Cauteruccio comes off for Cruz Azul. In the 69th minute, Cruz Azul shoots and is offsides. In the 70th minute, Alexis Vega comes off and Ronaldo Cisneros comes on for Guadalajara. In the 73rd minute, Edgar Mendez is in and Jonathan Rodriguez is out for Cruz Azul. In the 79th minute, Ronaldo Cisneros, the only Guadalajara substitute scores. In the 81st minute, Yoshimar Yotun comes on and Jose Maduena comes off for Cruz Azul. In the 82nd minute, Hedgardo Marin comes in and Carlos Cisneros comes off for Guadalajara. In the 89th minute, Jesus Molina goes off with a injury and Juan Miguel Basuto comes on for Guadalajara. In the 90+2nd minute, a Cruz Azul defender fouled Issac Brizuela in the box which should’ve been a penalty. The game ends in the 90+8 th minute, 0-1, and Guadalajara has their second win of the season (and game).

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