Liga MX America vs. Pachuca

There was a moment of silence observed in memory of the victims of a pipeline explosion in Hidalgo State, Mexico.

Club America will be playing without Diego Lainez who now plays for a team in Europe. The game kicks off with just a little bit of passing and shots for America. In the 14th minute Pablo Cesar Lopez Martinez on Pachuca gets a yellow card from a foul on Henry Martin. In the 16th minute, Guido Rodriguez scores after a corner kick from Renato Ibarra. In the 24th minute, Franco Jara from Pachuca has a chance to score and he had another chance to score in the 25th minute. Another minute later, Oribe Perralta had a chance to score in the 26th minute. In the 29th minute, Bruno Valdez gets a yellow card from a foul. The first half ends with 1 minute added time.

During halftime, Jorge Daniel Hernandez goes out and Edwin Coronada comes in for Pachuca. Cristian Insurralde comes in and Jose Guadalupe Hernandez Clemente goes out for America. In the 47th minute, Henry Martin scores and doubles America’s advantage. In the 50th minute, Cristian Insurralde who assisted a few minutes earlier has Henry Martin pass to him and he scores! I heard one commentator yell out Golaso! Golaso! Golaso! and kept saying it over and over again because it was such a good goal. This must be a nightmare for Pachuca because they also lost 5-0 two games ago against Monterey and they only won once against Queretaro. In the 57th minute, Cristian gets a yellow card. In the 61st minute, Oribe Perralta comes out and Mateus Uribe comes on as a substitute.In the 66th minute, Victor Davila goes out and Angelo Sagal comes in for Pachuca. In the 71st minute, Jaine Barreiro goes off and Ismael Sosa comes on for Pachuca. In the 76th minute, Renato Ibarra goes out and Antonio De Jesus Lopez Amenabar comes on for America. In the 90+2nd minute, Edwin Coronada gets a yellow card. The game is over in the 90+4th minute. It was a happy game for Club America and an embarrassing game for C.F. Pachuca.

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