Liga MX Pachuca vs. Pumas

The Pachuca starting lineups are 4/2/3/1. Blanco is the goalkeeper, Lopez, Barreiro, Murillo, and Garcia are the defenders. Guzman, Hernandez, Sosa, Cardona, Sagal are the midfielders. And of course, Franco Jara is the striker for C.F. Pachuca.

The Pumas starting lineups are 4/4/2. The goalkeeper is Alfredo Saldivar like usual. Mendoza, Arribas, Jacquez, and Mozo are the defenders. Rodriguez, Iniestra, Malcorra, Iturbe are the midfielders. Mora and Carlos Gonzales are the two strikers.

The game begins, Pachuca in 13th place and Pumas, farther down in 16th. There is a foul 11 seconds in against Franco Jara. Pumas had most of the possession for the first few minutes. Pumas gets a run with a cross but it ends up with a corner. After the corner, Carlos Gonzales had a chance with his head but missed it. In the 9th minute Franco Jara was very close to scoring but he missed. In the 13th minute, Angelo Sagal kicks the ball at a photographer’s face by accident. In the 20th minute, Ismael Sosa has such a chance to score a goal for Pachuca. In the 23rd minute, Ismael Sosa does a clumsy foul on Alan Mendoza and earns his well deserved yellow card. In the 27th minute, Pumas gats a free kick from a foul on Carlos Gonzales. At the 1/3 mark of the game, Alfredo Saldivar makes his first save of the game. In the 32nd minute, Ismael scores but was offsides. In the 35th minute, Andres Iniestra fouls Ismael and gets a yellow card. In the 44th minute, Raul Lopez takes a shot which seems to be the last chance for Pachuca this half.

No halftime substitutions for either teams. The second half begins with a early chance for Pachuca. Pachuca gets a corner and Pumas has a run and luckily, Garcia was there to do his job to stop the pass from becoming a goal. In the 58th minute, David Cabrera is substituted on and Juan Iturbe is off for Pumas. 2 minutes later, Victor Guzman gets a yellow card from a foul. In the 64th minute, Victor Davila goes on and Angelo Sagal comes off for Pachuca. In the 66th minute, Ismael Sosa crosses to Franco Jara and he scores with a header! In the 69th minute, Alan Mendoza gets away with a yellow card when he pulls a Pachuca player down by his shirt. Brian Figeroa comes on and Alan Mendoza comes off in the 75th minute for Pumas. In the 82nd minute, Felipe Mora has a big chance to score. In the 84th minute, Erick Aguirre comes on and Ismael Sosa comes off for Pachuca. In the 89th minute, Adolfo Hernandez comes on and Martin Rodriguez goes off for Pumas. In the same minute, Leonardo Ulloa comes on and Franco Jara goes off for Pachuca. In the 90+1st minute, Alan Mozo gets a yellow card. Victor Davila gets a yellow card. The game ends 1-0 for Pachuca in the 90+7th minute and Pachuca rises to 9th place.

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