Liga MX Pumas vs. Monterrey

The game begins without much happening when suddenly, Pumas’ Luis Fernando Quintana gets a automatic red card. 3 minutes later, Dorlan Pabon takes the free kick and scores. This is already the turning point for Pumas even though they aren’t one of the bad teams. Pumas has still been playing well defensively even with the red card. In the 38th minute, Maximiliano Meza gets a yellow card for Monterrey. The first half ends, not the cleanest half.

The second half begins, with Pumas in desperate need to make up for the red card, likely to give Monterrey a red card. In the 50th minute, Cesar Montes gets a booking for Monterrey. In the 59th minute, Monterrey has a really big chance. In the 63rd minute, Alan Mozo puts an end to a Monterrey chance. In the 68th minute, Felipe Mora comes out and Martin Rodriguez goes in. In the 70th minute, Idekel Rodriguez gets a booking for Pumas. In the 71st minute, Stefan Medina gets a yellow card for Monterrey. In the 73rd minute, Jose Maria Basanta replaces Maximiliano Meza for Monterrey. Pablo Barrera comes out as Juan Iturbe goes in for Pumas. In the 78th minute, Dorlan Pabon goes off and Leonel Vangioni comes on. In the 80th minute, Monterrey gets a big chance. David Pujol comes on as Kevin Escamilla goes out for Pumas. Jonathan Gonzales replaces Rodolfo Pizzaro in the 83rd minute. That same minute, Juan Iturbe scores!!!!!! Could Pumas keep it a draw or possibly win? It ends up Pumas 1-1 Monterrey, a huge relief for Pumas and the Monterrey coach must be very frustrated.

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