Liga MX America vs. Leon

The game begins with a run from Leon and a Marchesin save. Edson Alvarez takes America’s first shot of the game. 6% possesion for America by the 5th minute. America has their first corner, taken by Renato Ibarra. There was what seemed like a handball against Guido Rodriguez, but play goes on. Leon gets awarded a free kick in the 12th minute. Leon’s Jose Juan Macias scores from it!!! America’s Henry Martin gets injured in the 13th minute in the Leon box but he seems fine. In the 17th minute, America takes a free kick that hits the wall. America is struggling to score an equalizer. America gets a chance in the 26th minute, and Leon gets a chance in the 27th. Leon has been the better team in possession, passes, and chances. In the 33rd minute, Roger Martinez has a big chance for America. America is still struggling with possession in the 38th minute, only 39%. America has had 3 more shots by the 43rd minute. The first half ends, America 0-1 Leon.

The second half begins, and Jose Guadalupe Hernandez comes off and Andres Ibarguen comes on as a half-time substitution for America. In the 49th minute, Fernando Navarro gets the first booking of the game for a sloppy foul on Roger Martinez. In the 60th minute, Nicolas Castillo goes on and Henry Martin comes off. In the 61st minute, Carlos Guerrero goes on and Jose Macias comes off for Leon. In the 69th minute, Paul Aguilar gets a yellow card. There has not been much happening for the last 10 minutes. IN the 71st minute, Nicolas Benedetti goes on and Luis Reyes comes off for America. In the 73rd minute, Angel Mena scores!!!! They are winning 0-2 away! How is Agustin Marchesin letting in this many goals hosting? In the 80th minute, Angel Mena scores… AGAIN!!!!!! Marchesin has let in to many goals this game. In the 81st minute, Juan Calero goes on and Jean Meneses comes off for Leon. Joel Campbell comes off and Walter Gonzales goes in for Leon in the 89th minute. The match ends America 0-3 Leon, a embarrasment for America from the 5th minute.

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