Premier League Tottenham vs. Leicester City

The match begins with Tottenham’s Kieran Trippier giving them a chance. Tottenham goes offsides in the 11th minute, and they get another chance in the 12th. In the 16th minute, Son Heung-Min gets a yellow card for Tottenham. In the 20th minute, Danny Rose gets a yellow card for pushing one of the Leicester players. In the 28th minute, Jan Vertonghen gets a third yellow card for Tottenham in just 30 minutes. In the 33rd minute, Davidson Sanchez scores for Tottenham with a header! The first half ends Tottenham 1-0 Leicester City.

No halftime substitutions for both teams. The second half begins with a big chance for Leicester. Leicester City gets a penalty in the 59th minute. Before the PK, Leicester’s Jamie Vardy gets substituted on for the penalty and misses! Then in the 64th minute, Christian Eriksen scores!! 2-0! In the 76th minute, Jamie Vardy scores! 2-1. In the 88th minute, Danny Rose goes off and Walker-Peters comes on. Leicester had a chance in the 89th and another in the 90th and in the 90+1st minute, Son Heung-Min scores!!! 3-1. The game ends Tottenham 3-1 Leicester City.

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