Liga MX Tigres vs Necaxa

The game begins in Monterrey with Tigres in 2nd and Necaxa in 4th. Tigres has had all the possesion by the 3rd minute. In the 8th minute, Tigres gets their first set-piece. Necaxa gets a chance in the 9th minute and Nahuel Guzman needs to run back to the goal just in case. In the 11th minute, Necaxa gets their first set-piece. Tigres almost scores in the 18th and Necaxa does in the 19th minute. In the 20th minute, Andre-Pierre Gignac takes a sad shot for Tigres. In the 26th minute, Necaxa hits the post, the ball goes across the face of the goal but luckily for Tigres, no one on Necaxa touched it. No shots on target for either teams by the 32nd minute. In the 40th minute, Andre-Pierre Gignac scores with the back of his foot! Golaso! In the 44th minute, Francisco Venegas almost scores an own goal. The first half ends Tigres 1-0 Necaxa.

The second half of the game begins with Brian Fernandez scoring for Necaxa in the 55th minute. I thought this goal was the last one, but no! In the 57th minute, Gignac scores again! This is likely to be the winning goal. Javier Aquino comes in and Luis Quinones goes out for Tigres in the 58th minute. In the 59th minute, Francisco Meza comes off and Julian Quinones goes on for Tigres. In the 70th minute, Carlos Guzman gets injured and gets taken off in the 72nd. Brayan Beckeles comes on instead for Necaxa. In the 75th minute, Francisco Venegas comes off and Jorge Torres Nilo goes on for Tigres. Rodrigo Contreras goes on and Martin Barragan comes off for Necaxa. In the 79th minute, Enner Valencia has a golaso for Tigres. In the 87th minute, Rodrigo scores! 3-2! The game ends Tigres 3-2 Necaxa, with many goals, chances and corner kicks, but no bookings.

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