Liga MX America vs. Lobos BUAP

The game begins with a corner lees than 90 seconds in. In the 5th minute, Nicolas Castillo takes a shot. In the 15th minute, a America player almost scores an own goal. In the 26th minute, Da Silva takes a sad shot for BUAP. In the 33rd minute, Henry Martin scores for America! In the 39th minute, Paul Aguilar gets booked for punching the ball out of a BUAP player’s hand. In the 43rd minute, Agustin Marchesin has a great save.

The second half begins with Yago Cesar replacing Michaell Chirinos. In the 51st minute, Nicolas Castillo has another big chance. In the 62nd minute, Mauro Lainez replaces Leonardo Ramos for BUAP. 1 minute later, Emanuel Aguilera gets booked for America. In the 72nd minute, Roger Martinez comes in and Nicolas Benedetti goes out for America. In the 75th minute, Oscar Macias replaces Jose Esquivel for BUAP. In the 83rd minute, Nicolas Castillo scores! In the 89th minute, Nicolas Castillo scores again! The game ends America 3-0 BUAP.

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