Liga MX Pumas UNAM vs. Monarcas Morelia

The match begins with Gaston Lezcano scoring in 15 seconds for Monarcas. In the 17th minute, Alejandro Arribas misses a header that could’ve been the equalizer. In the 26th minute, Monarcas scores but they were offsides. In the 35th minute, Alfredo Saldivar gets booked for a foul in the box. In the 36th minute, Monarcas gets awarded a penalty but Alfredo Saldivar saves it. In the 38th minute, Juan Iturbe gets a yellow card. In the 40th minute, Felipe Mora goes in and Jeison Angulo comes outfor Pumas. In the 43rd minute, Efrain Velarde gets booked.

During halftime, Ray Sandoval comes off and Roberto Meraz goes on probably because of his missed penalty. The second half begins and in the 50th minute, Mario Osuna scores from a penalty. In the 64th minute, Juan Iturbe scores and makes it 1-2. In the 69th minute, Rodrigo Millar comes out and Mario Alejandro Trejo Castro goes on. In the 71st minute, Rodolfo Vilchis replaces Edison Flores for Monarcas. In the 74th minute, Felipe Mora scores an equalizer for Pumas! What a comeback! In the 84th minute, Efrain Velarde gets a red card for Monarcas. The match ends 2-2, Monarcas dominating the first and part of the second half but Pumas did what they needed to to keep it 2-2.

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