2. Bundesliga Union Berlin vs. Paderborn

The match kicks off with a chance for Union Berlin already in 15 seconds. Another chance was by Carlos Mane who nearly scored. Berlin gets a corner in the 10th minute and gets a chance. Finally in the 11th minute, Paderborn gets a chance but couldn’t even take a shot. In the 13th minute, Paderborn’s Ben Zolinski takes the first shot on target in the game. In the 15th minute, Kai Proger takes a shot that is easily saved by the goalkeeper. In the 20th minute, Union Berlin gets their second corner of the game. By the 30th minute, none of the 3 2. Bundesliga games going on have a single goal. In the 32nd minute, Union Berlin’s Christopher Trimmel gets booked for a foul. Finally in the 41st minute, Christopher Antwi-Adjei scores! Ben Zolinski gets credit for the assist.

The second half begins without much going on unlike the first half with so many chances. Meanwhile in the 55th minute of Darmstadt vs. Jahn, Serdar Dersun scores for Darmstadt. In the 60th minute, Manuel Schmiedbach and Carlos Mane goes out and Akaki Gogia and Marcel Hartel come in for Union Berlin. In the 69th minute, Ben Zolinski goes out and Klaus Gjasula comes in for Paderborn. In the 73rd minute, Sebastian Poltercomes in and Christopher Trimmel goes out for Berlin. In the 75th and 79th minutes, Sebastian Vasilidis and Tobias Schwede go out and Khiry Shelton and Jamilu Collins come in for Paderborn. In the 84th minute, Klaus Gjasula gets booked for a handball. In the 87th minute, Sven Michel scores! 2-0 for Paderborn! That Berlin defender didn’t even try to protect the goal. I thought the game would end like this but Philipp Klement scores in the 90+2nd minute. Just 2 minutes later, Sebastian Polter scores. The game ends 1-3 and Paderborn moves up to 4th place.

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