MLS D.C. United vs. LAFC

My first ever live game! The game starts and just 11 minutes in, LAFC gets awarded a penalty because of Leonardo Jara’s handball. Carlos Vela takes it 1 minute later and Bill Hamid saves it to keep D.C. United in the game for now. Then just 3 minutes later, Carlos Vela gets a goal and Adama Diomande gets credit for the assist. In the 27th minute, Diego Rossi scores! 1 minute later, Adama Diomande gets substituted out and Christian Ramirez comes in because he kept on getting injured. In the 32nd minute, Diego Rossi gets another goal. The first half ends with Wayne Rooney and Bill Hamid not doing what’s expected from them.

Just 7 minutes into the second half, Wayne Rooney gets a yellow card for dangerous play. But the ref takes a look at VAR and it is final. Wayne Roony gets his yellow card taken back but instead, it is a red card. 2 minutes later Junior Moreno gets a yellow card. In the 57th minute, Ulises Segura comes in and Chris McCann goes out for D.C. In the 64th minute, Frederic Brillant gets booked for United. 6 minutes later, Mohamed El Munir comes in and Jordan harvey goes out for LAFC. 3 minutes later, Luciano Acosta goes out and Quincy Amarikwa comes in. Another 3 minutes later, Diego Rossi gets his hat-trick. In the 77th minute, Chris Durkin comes in and Russell Canouse goes out for D.C. In the 79th minute, Carlos Vela goes out and Adrian Perez is in. In the 88th minute, Lucas Rodriguez gets booked. The game ends D.C. United 0-4 LAFC.

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