Club America vs. Cruz Azul

The game begins and in the 13th minute, Cruz Azul’s Milton Caraglio and America’s goalkeeper Agustin Marchesin both get booked. In the 35th minute, Mateus Uribe’s shot gets blocked by his own player, Henry Martin. In the 41st minute, Andres Ibarguen scores but he did a handball before that so it was taken back.

During halftime, Martin Cauteruccio comes off and Jonathan Rodriguez goes on for Cruz Azul. The second half begins and Cruz Azul hits the post in the 49th minute. In the 53rd minute, there was a possible handball in the America box by Bruno Valdez but it’s a corner instead. In the 60th minute, Jose de Jesus Corona makes a great save for Mateus Uribe’s shot. In the 77th minute, Henry Martin comes out and Roger Martinez goes on. 3 minutes later, Edsson Alvarez comes off and Jeremy Menez goes on. In the 83rd minute, Pablo Aguilar gets injured so Jose Maduena goes on for Cruz Azul. The game ends 0-0.

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