Toluca vs. Club America

Toluca 3 Fernando Mancuello 5′ Alexis Canelo 72′, 82′ Club America 2 Roger Martinez 36′ Jonathan Maidana (OG) 67′

The game kicks off at 1:01 eastern time and just 5 minutes in, Federico Mancuello scores! You don’t see Agustin Marchesin letting in early goals every match, do you? In the 36th minute, Roger Martinez makes a goal! The first half is 1-1.

During halftime, Alexis Caleno goes in and Fernando Tobio comes out for Toluca. In the 46th minute, Jonatan Maidana gets booked for a foul on a America player. In the 52nd minute, Felipe Pardo is fouled and then he kicks Guido Rodriguez in the butt. I think it was a well deserved red card for Pardo but he only got a yellow card after VAR. In the 65th minute, Ozvaldo Gonzalez goes in an William Fernando da Silva comes off. In the 67th minute, Jonatan Maidana scores an own goal! 5 minutes later, Alexis Canelo scores! It’s 2-2 which Pahuca should be happy about still being in the liguilla. In the 77th minute, Emmanuel Gigilotti gets booked. 4 minutes later, Roger Martinez gets booked for fouling Gigilotti. That same minute, Federico Mancuello gets subbed off. In the 82nd minute, Canelo gets his brace! 3-2 for the home side. In the 86th minute, Ivan Jared Moreno Fuguemann goes in and Francisco Sebastian Cordova comes off for America. In the 90th minute, Andres Ibarguen gets injured so Antonio De Jesus Lopez Amenabar replaces him. In the 90+7th minute, Rodrigo Salinas gets booked. The game ends in the 90+9th minute, 3-2.

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