Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton

Liverpool 1 Sadio Mane 17′, 81′

Wolves 0

The game begins and in the 17th minute, Sadio Mane scores! Now Liverpool is in 1st place. Meanwhile in the 39th minute, Manchester City is beating Brighton 2-1. The uneventful first half ends 1-0.

Halftime scores

Tottenham 0-0 Everton Manchester United 0-1 Cardiff Watford 0-2 West Ham United Southampton 1-0 Huddersfield Leicester 0-0 Chelsea Fulham 0-2 Newcastle Liverpool 1-0 Wolves Crystal Palace 3-1 Bournemouth Brighton 1-2 Manchester City Burnley 0-0 Arsenal

The second half begins and in the 49th minute, Diogo Jota and Ryan Bennett get yellow cards for the Wolves. In the 81st mnute, Sadio Mane scores again! In the 84th minute, the Wolves make a double substitution. The game ends and Manchester City wins the Premier League.

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