Women’s World Cup Brazil vs. Jamaica

Brazil 3 Cristiane 15′, 50′, 60′

Missed PK Andressa 38′

Jamaica 0

The game kicks off at 9:31 ET and Cristane scores for Brazil 15 minutes in. 2 minutes later, Konya Plummer gets booked for Jamaica. In the 38th minute, Brazil gets awarded a penalty and Andressa misses it so it’s still 1-0. The referee brings the first half to an end after the 45+2nd minute.

The second half begins and in the 49th minute, Cristiane misses a big chance for a shot. But one minute later, Cristiane scores again! In the 58th minute, Formiga gets booked for Brazil. In the Jody Brown replaces Cheyna Matthews for Jamaica. In the 64th minute, Cristiane gets her hat-trick! In the 65th minute, Geyse and Ludmila replace Cristiane and Beatriz for Brazil. In the 72nd minute, Chinyelu Asher replaces Havana Solaun for Jamaica. In the 76th minute, Daiane replaces Kathellen for Brazil. In the 82nd minute, Daiane is booked for Brazil. The game ends 3-0 thanks to Cristiane.

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