Women’s World cup England vs. Scotland

England 2 Nikita Parris 14′ (PK) Ellen White 40′

Scotland 1 Claire Emslie 79′

The game begins and in the 5th minute, England crosses but Sophie Howard clears it away for a corner. In the 8th minute, Scotland’s Erin Cuthbert makes a run all the way to England’s box. In the 12th minute, the referee uses VAR to see if there should be a England penalty. It gets rewarded and Nikita Parris scores! In the 18th minute, Fran Kirby just misses her shot. In the 22nd minute, Jill Scott takes a shot that the Scotland goalkeeper just saves. In the 23rd minute, Ellen White scores with a header but she was way offsides so it doesn’t count. In the 40th minute, Ellen White, this time actually scores! In the 43rd minute, Jenny Beattie gets booked for a foul. The first half ends in 47 minutes including added time.

The second half begins and 27 seconds in, Beth Mead scores but she was offsides. In the 47th minute, Nicola Docherty gets booked for a foul on Millie Bright for Scotland. In the 55th minute, Kirsty Smith replaces Nicola Docherty for Scotland. That same minute, Abbie McManus replaces Millie Bright after her injury. In the 71st minute, Karen Carney replaces Beth Mead for England. In the 75th minute, Chloe Arthur replaces Sophie Howard for England. In the 79th minute, Claire Emslie scores for Scotland! In the 82nd minute, Georgia Stanway replaces Fran Kirby for England. In the 87th minute, Lizzie Arnot replaces Christie Murray for Scotland. The game ends 2-1.

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