Copa America Qatar vs. Argentina

Qatar 0

Argentina 2 Lautaro Martinez 4′ Sergio Aguero 82′

The game starts and just 4 minutes in, Bassam Hisham makes a mistake and Lautaro Martinez gets a early goal for Argentina! In the 42nd minute, Giovani Lo Celso gets booked for a foul. 4 minutes later, Juan Foyth gets booked with a foul. The first half ends 0-1 but Argentina has all the yellow cards.

The second half starts with Qatar’s kickoff but they get easily dispossesed by Argentina. In the 51st minute, Almoez Ali gets booked because of a foul on Lionel Messi. In the 55th minute, Marcos Acuna replaces Giovani Lo Celso for Argentina. In the 62nd minute, Sergio Aguero’s shot gets blocked by Saad Al Sheeb. In the 75th minute, Karim Boudiaf gets booked for a foul. In the 76th minute, Paulo Dybala replaces the goalscorer, Lautaro Martinez for Argentina. 1 minute later, Abdullah Al Ahrak replaces Salem Al Hajiri for Qatar. In the 82nd minute, Sergio Aguero scores! In the 85th minute, Hamid Ismail replaces Pedro Miguel. German Pezzella replaces Juan Foyth. In the 89th minute, Abdullah Al Ahrak gets booked. The game ends 2-0 for Argentina.

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