Copa America Brazil vs. Argentina

BRA 2 Gabriel Jesus 19′ Roberto Firmino 71′


The game starts and in the 8th minute, Rodrigo De Paul gets fouled. 1 minute later, Nicolas Tagliafico gets booked for Argentina after a different foul. In the 19th minute, Gabriel Jesus scores for Brazil! In the 40th minute, Marcos Acuna gets booked for Argentina. Dani Alves gets booked for Brazil. During halftime, Willian replaces Everton for Brazil.

The second half starts and 11 minutes in, Juan Foyth gets booked for a foul for Argentina. In the 58th minute, Lautaro Martinez gets booked for Argentina. 1 minute later, Angel Di Maria replaces Marcos Acuna for Argentina. In the 64th minute, Joao Miranda replaces Marquinhos for Brazil. Messi misses a big chance for Argentina. In the 67th minute, Giovani Lo Celso replaces Rogrigo De Paul for Argentina. In the 71st minute, Roberto Fitmino scores for Brazil! The game ends 2-0.

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