Women’s World Cup Semifinal Netherlands vs. Sweden

NED 1 Jackie Groenen 99′


The game begins and in the 3rd minute, Sweden does a handball but the Netherlands miss the following free kick. In the 17th minute, the Netherlands get a shot on goal that Hedvig Lindahl easily blocks. In the 19th minute, Magdalena Eriksson just misses a free kick chance for Sweden. In the 45th minute, the Netherlands make a back heel that could’ve helped give the Netherlands a goal. The first half ends 0-0.

During halftime, Jill Roord replaces Lieke Martens for the Netherlands. In the 53rd minute, Sweden hits the post after a save by Sari Van Veenendaal. In the 63rd minute, Hedvig Lindahl makes a save so the ball hits the post. In the 72nd minute, Shanice Van de Sanden replaces Lineth Beerensteyn for the Netherlands. In the 79th minute, Julia Zigiotti and Madelen Janogy replace Elen Rubensson and Lina Hurtig for Sweden. In the 83rd minute, Sherida Spitse blocks a shot from the corner mark. 2 minutes later, she gets a yellow card. Regular time ends 0-0. This is the first ever Women’s World Cup Semifinal to be decided in Extra Time or Penalties.

The first half of extra time starts and in the 94th minute, Julia Zigiotti gets booked for Sweden after fouling a Netherlands player. In the 99th minute, Jackie Groenen scores in the bottom corner! The first half of extra time ends in the 105+2nd minute, 1-0.

The second half of extra time starts and 6 minutes in, Mimmi Larsson and Jonna Anderson replace Stina Blackstenius and Magdalena Eriksson for Sweden. In the 116th minute, Danielle van de Donk gets booked for the Netherlands after a foul. The game ends in the 120+8th minute so the finals are going to be U.S.A. vs. the Netherlands.

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