Club America vs. Monterrey

America Lineups: 4-2-3-1

#1 Agustin Marchesin (GK)

#22 Paul Aguilar (c), #18 Bruno Valdez, #19 Emanuel Aguilera, #3 Jorge Sanchez

#5 Guido Rodrigez, #8 Matheus Uribe

#30 Renato Ibarra, #17 Sebastian Cordova, #9 Roger Martinez

#15 Nicolas Castillo

Monterrey Lineups: 4-2-3-1

#1 Marcelo Barovelo (GK)

#11 Lionel Vangioni, #4 Nicolas Sanchez, #33 Stefan Medina, #19 Miguel Layun

#25 Jonathan Gonzalez, #29 Carlos Rodriguez

#18 Aviles Hurtado, #32 Maximiliano Meza, #8 Dorlan Pabon (c)

#7 Rogelio Funes Mori

AME 4 Nicolas Castillo 16′ (PK), 49′ Matheus Uribe 19′ Roger Martinez

RYDS 2 Rogelio Funes Mori 8′ Aviles Hurtado 31′

The game starts and Monterrey gets a chance but Agustin Marchesin stops the goal by happening with a early save. In the 4th minute, Monterrey commits another foul. In the 5th minute, Emanuel Aguilera makes a great clearance for America. In the 7th minute, Monterrey takes a free kick that hits the wall. In the 8th minute, Rogelio Funes Mori runs past the America defense and is only against Agustin Marchesin and is lucky enough to score the opening goal. In the 11th minute, Bruno Valdez misses his header after the corner. In the 16th minute, America gets awarded a penalty that Nicolas Castillo scores! 3 minutes later Renato Ibarra creates a chance and Matheus Uribe scores with the header! Very eraly comeback for Club America! In the 22nd minute, Roger Martinez blocks a shot for America. In the 31st minute, Aviles Hurtado scores for Reyados! America coach, Miguel Herrera gets booked for arguing.

The second half starts and in the 49th minute, Nicolas Castillo scores a great goal for America! 3-2 for America! In the 58th minute, Jonathan Gonzalez gets booked for a handball just outside the box. 3 minutes later, Rodolfo Pizarro replaces him. In the 67th minute, Jesus Gallardo replaces Lionel Vangioni for Monterrey. In the 70th minute, Guido Rodriguez gets booked for a handball. He gets injured and is replaced by Fernando Gonzalez. Jeremy Menez replaces Nicolas Castillo for America. In the 73rd minute, Carlos Rodriguez gets booked for a foul. 4 minutes later, Roger Martinez scores for America! In the 81st minute, Angel Zaldivar replaces Dorlan Pabon for Monterrey. In the 83rd minute, Nicolas Sanchez gets a yellow card for Reyados. In the 90+5th minute, Antonio Lopez replaces Sebastian Cordova. In the 90+6th minute, Agustin Marchesin gets booked for time wasting. The game end 4-2.

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