2.Liga VfL Osnabruck vs. Heidenheim

ONB 1 Anas Ouahim 58′

expulsion: Kevin Wolze 82′

HDH 3 Sebastian Griesbeck 74′ Robert Leipertz 89′ David Otto 90+4′

Osnabruck: 3-4-3

#1 Nils-Jonathan Korber (GK)

#4 Lukas Gugganig, #6 Moritz Heyer, #17 Adam Susac

#27 Felix Agu, #8 Ulrich Taffershofer, #23 David Blacha (C), #19 Kevin Wolze

#10 Anas Ouahim, #30 Benjamin Girth, #14 Etienne Amenyido

Heidenheim: 4-2-2-2

#22 Vitus Eicher (GK)

#30 Norman Theuerkauf, #33 Timo Beermann, #6 Patrick Mainka, #2 Marnon Busch

#18 Sebastian Griesbeck, #36 Niklas Dorsch

#23 Merveille Biankadi, #7 Marc Schnatterer (C)

#32 Patrik Schmidt, #11 Denis Thomalla

The game starts and in the 23rd minute, Heidenheim take the first shot of the game. In the 27th minute, Timo Beermann blocks a shot taken by Osnabruck. Heidenheim’s Timo Beermann misses a header in the 37th minute. In the 42nd minute, Anas Ouahim fouls Merveille Biankadion for Heidenheim. In the 43rd minute, Patrik Schmidt gets a yellow card for Heidenheim. The first half ends 0-0 without as much excitement as I expected.

The second half starts and in the 49th minute, Osnabruck fails a slide tackle. In the 54th minute, Heidenheim fouls Osnabruck. In the 58th minute, Anas Ouahim scores! Osnabruck, the team that was in 3.Liga last season takes the lead against Heidenheim! Felix Agu gets credit for the assist. In the 64th minute, Kevin Wolze gets booked for a foul. In the 66th minute, Heidenheim had a chance for a equalizer but missed the shot. In the 67th minute, Robert Leipertz replaces Patrik Schmidt for Heidenheim. David Otto replaces Merveille Biankadion. In the 68th minute, Etienne Amenyido just misses a shot for Osnabruck. In the 71st minute, Nils-Jonathan Korber blocks a shot for Osnabruck. In the 72nd minute, Denis Thomalla misses a shot for Heidenheim when he was only against the goalkeeper. 2 minutes later, Sebastian Griesbeck scores a equalizer for Heidenheim!

In the 79th minute, Niklas Schmidt and and Marc Heider replace Benjamin Girth and Etienne Amenyido for Osnabruck. In the 83rd minute, Kevin Wolze gets a second yellow for Osnabruck for fouling Niklas Dorsch. In the 86th minute, the Osnabruck goalie makes a great save for a great shot. In the 88th minute, Marcos Alvarez replaces Anas Ouahim for Osnabruck. In the 89th minute, Robert Leipertz, the Heidenheim substitute scores the winning goal for Heidenheim! In the 90+4th minute, David Otto scores for Heidenheim! The game ends 1-3.

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