2.Bundesliga Wehen Wiesbaden vs. Karlsruhe


KSR 1 Marvin Pourie 15′

Wehen: 4-4-2

#1 Lukas Watkowiak (GK)

#20 Moritz Kuhn, #4 Sascha Mockenhaupt, #16 Niklas Dams, #19 Michel Niemeyer

#11 Nicklas Shipnoski, #28 Gukhan Gul, #10 Sebastian Mrowca (C), #7 Maximilian Dittgen

#9 Manuel Schaffler, #17 Daniel Kyereh

Karlsruhe: 4-4-2

#1 Benjamin Uphoff (GK)

#6 Damian Rossbach, #5 David Pisot (C), #3 Daniel Gordon, #21 Marco Thiede

#7 Marc Lorenz, #10 Marvin Wanitzek, #4 Lukas Frode, #Burak Camoglu

#9 Marvin Pourie, #33 Philipp Hofmann

The game starts in Wiesbaden, Germany with both team’s fans cheering them on after getting promoted from 3.Liga. IN the 4th minute, Nickolas Shipnoski gets caught with a handball so his shot didn’t really count. In the 5th minute, Wehen’s Manuel Schaffler gets caught for a foul. In the 7th minute, Wehen’s shot gets blocked by a Karlsruhe defender. In the 15th minute, Marvin Pourie scores a great one-touch goal after Daniel Gordon crosses it into the 18 yard box! In the 21st minute, Marvin Pourie misses a shot. 1 minute later, Marco Thiede gets booked for a foul. In the 34th minute, Wehen crosses it but a defender clears it. In the 35th minute, Wehen takes the 3rd corner of the game. In the 37th minute, the Wehen goalkeeper hogs the ball for about 30 seconds but passes it to his defense. In the 43rd minute, Manuel Schaffler gets booked for a foul. The first half ends 0-1.

The second half starts with Manuel Stiefer replacing Burak Camoglu for Karlsruhe. In the 53rd minute, a Wehen player gets slapped in the face. In the 55th minute, Niklas Shipnoski gets booked for a foul. He gets replaced by Philipp Tietz 4 minutes later for Wehen. In the 61st minute, Philipp Hofmann scores a header goal to double Karlsruhe’s lead! In the 67th minute, Marvin Ajani replaces Manuel Schaffler. In the 75th minute, Jeremias Lorch replaces Gokhan Gul for Wehen. 1 minute later, Lorch takes a shot but Benjamin Uphoff blocks it. In the 81st minute, David Pisot gets booked for a foul for Karlsruhe. Marvin Pourie gets substituted out and he did not seem to be amused In the 90th minute, Dirk Carlson replaces Marc Lorenz. In the last minute, Wehen’s Daniel Kyereh scores! The game ends 2-1.

The player of the match in my opinion is…

#3 Defender Daniel Gordon!

He had an assist to Marvin Pouries goal and made 4 blocks as a defender.

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