America vs. Leon

America: 4-2-3-1

#1 Agustin Marchesin (GK)

#3 Jorge Sanchez #19 Emanuel Aguilera, #18 Bruno Valdez, #22 Paul Aguilar (c)

#5 Guido Rodriguez, Mateus Uribe

#9 Roger Martinez, #14 Nicolas Benedetti, #30 Renato Ibarra

#15 Nicolas Castillo

Leon: 4-4-1-1

#30 Rodolfo Cota (GK)

#4 Andres Mosquera, #23 Ramiro Gonzalez, #6 William Tesillo, #11 Yairo Moreno

#13 Angel Mena, #10 Luis Montes (c), #5 Fernando Navarro, #16 Jean Meneses

#8 Joel Campbell

#21 Jose Macias



expulsion: Fernando Navarro 81′

The game starts and in the 5th minute, Renato Ibarra’s shot gets blocked by the defense. In the 6th minute, Luis Montes takes a shot with Agustin Marchesin in front of him but misses. In the 9th minute, Jorge Sanchez fouls Angel Mena. In the 12th minute, Luis Montes misses another shot. In the 14th minute, Leon makes a lot of fancy passing, almost leading to a goal by Angel Mena. In the 20th minute, Angel Mena tries to cross the ball but Jorge Sanchez puts an end to it. In the 21st minute, Roger Martinez gets fouled. In the 25th minute, Andres Mosquera gets fouled. In the 26th minute, Joel Campbell’s on touch shot goes just over the crossbar! In the 30th minute, Mateus Uribe misses a chance to shoot. In the 32nd minute, Renato Ibarra gets “fouled”. In the 42nd minute, In the 45th minute, Angel Mena gets the first shot of the game on target.

In the 47th minute, Emanuel Aguilera makes a clearance for America. 2 minutes later, Angel Mena misses a big header. Luis Montes gets booked for a foul. In the 55th minute, Nicolas Castillo gets booked for arguing. In the 59th minute, Nicolas Castillo’s shot goes over the crossbar. Then Rodolfo Cota saves the next shot. In the 63rd minute, Sebastian Cordova replaces Nicolas Benedetti for America and Ismael Sosa replaces Angel Mena. 1 minutte later, Bruno Valdez gets booked. In the 67th minute, Paul Aguilar gets booked for another foul. IN the 75th minute, Roger Martinez gets booked for America. Then Giovani dos Santos replaces Roger Martinez. Joel Campbell gets replaced by Leonardo Ramos. 7 minutes later, Fernando Navarro gets a red card! He was awarded a yellow card at first but then got a red card after VAR. Miguel Herrera replaces Jose Macias for Leon. IN the 89th minute, Antonio Lopez replaces Paul Aguilar. The game ends 0-0.

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