Arminia Bielefeld vs. St. Pauli

BEF 1 Manuel Prietl 90+1′

STP 1 Christian Joe Conteh 32′

Bielefeld: 4-1-4-1

#1 Stefan Ortega (GK)

#25 Jonathen Clauss, #3 Brian Behrendt, #11 Stefan Salger, #8 Florian Hathertz

#19 Manuel Prietl

#32 Keanu Staude, #10 Reinhold Yabo, #14 Joan Edmundsson, #21 Andreas Voglslommer

#9 Fabian Klos (C)

St. Pauli: 4-1-4-1

#30 Robin Himmelmann

#15 Daniel Buballa, #5 Marvin Knoll, #6 Christopher Avevor (C), #20 Yi-Young Park

#8 Marc Hornschuh

#32 Christian Joe Conteh, #37 Finn Ole Becker, #14 Mats Moller Dæhli, #12 Ryo Miyaichi

#18 Dimitrios Dimantakos

The game starts without as much excitement as I expected. Only 5 shots by the 28th minute and in the 29th minute, Bielefeld was caught just a inch offsides. In the 30th minute, Manuel Prietl thinks he was fouled in the box but it wasn’t even a foul. In the 32nd minute, St. Pauli’s Christian Joe Conteh slips the ball past Stefan Ortega! 1-0 for St. Pauli. In the 45+1st minute, a St. Pauli defender makes a good clearance.

The second half starts and in the 52nd minute, the St. Pauli goalie makes a great block. In the 54th minute, the Bielefeld goalkeeper makes a great block. In the 56th minute, Brian Behrendt gets booked for a foul for Arminia. In the 59th minute, the Bielefeld goalie makes another great save. In the 60th minute, Bielefeld hits the crossbar. Cebio Soukou replaces Keanu Staude. In the 63rd minute, Niklas Hoffmann replaces Marc Hornschuh for St. Pauli. In the 69th minute, Manuel Prietl gets booked for a foul for Bielefeld. Nils Seufert replaces Reinhold Yabo for Bielefeld. In the 75th minute, an obvious penalty for Bielefeld gets denied by VAR. In the 79th minute, Ryo Miyaichi gets booked for a foolish foul by running straight into a Bielefeld player. In the 80th minute, Ersin Zehir replaces Mats Moller Dæhli for St. Pauli. In the 90+1st minute, Bielfeld’s Manuel Prietl scores an equalizer for Bielefeld! In the 90+3rd minute, Niklas Hoffman gets booked for St. Pauli. The game ends 1-1.

The player of the match is…

Jonathan Clauss!

He had the assist to Manuel Prietl’s goal, had 80 touches, created 2 big chances and didn’t foul anyone that game!

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