2. Bundesliga SV Sandhausen vs. VfL Osnabruck



Sandhausen: 4-2-3-1

#1 Martin Fraisl (GK)

#18 Dennis Diekmeier (C), #2 Aleksandr Zhirov, #22 Gerrit Nauber, #19 Leart Paquarda

#29 Ivan Paurevic, #17 Erik Zenga

#16 Kevin Behrens, #28 Phillip Forster, #8 Mario Engels

#9 Rurik Gislason

Osnabruck: 3-4-3

#1 Nils-Jonathan Korber (GK)

#17 Adam Susac, #6 Moritz Heyer, #4 Lukas Gugganig

#31 Niklas Schmidt, #23 David Blacha, #8 Ulrich Taffertshoffer, #27 Felix Agu

#10 Anas Ouahim, #30 Benjamin Girth, #20 Marc Heider (C)

The game starts and in the 5th minute, Osnabruck takes the first shot which is a miss. In the 8th minute, Sandhausen takes a shot. In the 12th minute, Osnabruck misses another shot. In the 15th minute, Osnabruck makes the first counterattack of the game. In the 19th minute, Sandhausen gets the first shot on target. In the 23rd minute, they get another shot on target. In the 26th minute, Osnabruck gets a shot on target but the rebound ends up as a miss. In the 28th minute, Sandhausen misses. In the 30th minute, Sandhausen reaches their 5th offsides. In the 37th minute, 12 shots have been taken, 6 shots for each team. The first half ends 0-0.

The second half starts and 1 minute in, both teams have taken 2 shots each. The second half starts and in the 48th minute, Dennis Diekmeier gets booked for a foul for Sandhausen. In the 52nd minute, the ref takes a deflection off his butt. In the 55th minute, Kevin Friesenbrichler replaces Benjamin Girth as the first substitution of the game. In the 59th minute, Niklas Schmidt gets fouled for Osnabruck. In the 61st minute, Erik Zenga gets booked for time wasting when he runs away with the ball to get rid of few seconds of the game. In the 66th minute, Gerrit Nauber gets booked for fouling the Osnabruck goalkeeper, Nils-Jonathathan Korber. In the 70th minute, Phillip Forster gets booked for a foul. Robin Scheu and Enrique Pena replace Kevin Behrens and Mario Engels. In the 74th minute, Marcos Alvarez replaces Niklas Schmidt. It must’ve been a great idea because he scored a amazing free kick that hit the crossbar and went just past the goal-line! 1-0 for Osnabruck! In the 83rd minute, Marlon Frey replaces Marvin Paurevic for Sandhausen. In the 90+2nd minute, David Blacha gets booked for a foul. In the 90+4th minute, Sven Kholer replaces Anas Ouahim. The game ends 1-0 after Marcos Alvarez’s great free kick goal.

The player of the match is…

Marcos Alvarez

He scored the great free kick goal as a substitute.

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