Karlsruhe vs. Dynamo Dresden

Karlsruhe 4-4-2

#1 Benjamin Uphoff (GK)

#21 Marco Thiede, #3 Daniel Gordon, #5 David Pisot (C), #6 Damian Rossbach

#27 Lukas Grozurek, #4 Lukas Frode, #10 Marvin Wanitzek, #7 Marvin Lorenz

#33 Philipp Hoffmann, #9 Marvin Pourie

Dynamo 3-4-2-1

#1 Kevin Broll (GK)

#18 Jannik Muller (C), #39 Kevin Ehlers, #2 Linus Wahlqvist

#22 Patrik Moschl, #5 Dzenis Burnic, #4 Jannis Nikolau, #20 Patrick Ebert

#30 Matthaus Taferner, #29 Sascha Horvath

#28 Baris Atik

KSR 1 Philipp Hoffmann 45+4′

DDD 1 Sascha Horvath 45+2′

The game starts and Karlsruhe takes the first shot of the game. In the 7th minute, Karlsruhe takes another shot. In the 8th minute, Matthaus Taferner misses a big chance to score for Dynamo. In the 23rd minute, Lukas Grozurek scores but it is taken back because of a foul in the build-up. In the 28th minute, Matthaus Taferner misses another shot. 4 minutes later, Karlsruhe gets overexcited and gets caught offsides. In the 38th minute, Marvin Pourie gets injured but recovers quickly after some treatment. In the 43rd minute, Jannik Muller gets booked for Dresden. In the 45+2nd minute, Sascha Horvath scores a great goal! In the 45+4th minute, Philipp Hoffmann scores a equalizer!

The second half starts with no substitutions. In the 48th minute Patrick Ebert gets booked for Dynamo. In the 56th minute, Dzenis Burnic gets booked for Dynamo. In the 60th minute, Dzenis Burnic scores an embarrasing own-goal! In the 64th minute, Lucas Roser replaces Matthaus Taferner. In the 67th minute, Philipp Hofmann scores for Karlsruhe! In the 72nd minute, Moussa Kone replaces Dzenis Burnic for Dresden. In the 77th minute, Manuel lStiefler eplaces Lukas Grozurek for Karlsruhe. Florian Ballas replaces Patrick Ebert for Dresden. In the 79th minute, Dirk Carson replaces Marc Lorenz for Karlsruhe. 1 minute later, the substitute, Manuel Stiefler scores! In the 86th minute, Daniel Gordon gets booked for dangerous play. Anton Fink replaces Philipp Hoffmann for Karlsruhe. In the 90th minute, Moussa Kone gets a goal back for Dynamo. The game ends 4-2.

The player of the match is…

Philipp Hofmann

He had a brace and scored with every shot on target.

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