America vs. Tijuana (Xolos)

America 4-2-3-1

#27 Oscar Jimenez (GK)

#22 Paul Aguilar (C), #18 Bruno Valdez, #19 Emanuel Aguilera, #3 Jorge Sanchez

#5 Guido Rodriguez, #17 Sebastian Cordova

#30 Renato Ibarra, #9 Roger Martinez, #11 Andres Ibarguen

#15 Nicolas Castillo

Xolos 4-4-1-1

#25 Gibran Lajud (GK)

#3 Luis Fuentes, #6 Diego Braghieri (C), #2 Julian Velazquez, #28 Omar Mendoza

#11 Washingon Camacho, #33 Leonel Miranda, #5 Kevin Balanta, #8 Ignacio Rivero

#10 Miller Bolanos

#32 Ariel Nahuelpan

AME 3 Guido Rodriguez 75′ Renato Ibarra 88′ Giovani dos Santos 90+5′

TIJ 1 Camillo Sanvezzo 79′

The game starts without Agustin Marchesin who went to Porto In the 3rd minute, Washington Camacho has a big chance to score. In the 7th minute, Nicolas Castillo hits the post for America. In the 11th minute, Sebastian Cordova fouls. Roger Martinez was caught offsides for America. In the 20th minute, Roger Martinez misses a shot. In the 23rd minute, Guido Rodriguez takes a shot from midfield but Gibran Lajud easily saves it. In the 27th minute, Roger Martinez misses another big chance. In the 31st minute, Nicolas Castillo’s one touch shot goes over the crossbar. 1 minute later, Guido Rodriguez misses another long range shot. In the 44th minute, Giovani dos Santos replaces Nicolas Castillo for America after injury.

The second half starts and in the 60th minute, Angel Sepulveda replaces Luis Fuentes for Xolos. In the 64th minute, Jorge Sanchez gets booked for fouling Washington Camacho for America. In the 66th minute, Leonel Lopez replaces Andres Ibarguen. Emanuel Aguilera gets booked for a foul. Camilo Sanvezzo replaces Washington Camacho. In the 75th minute, Ignacio Rivero gets booked for fouling Renato Ibarra. Guido Rodriguez scores a great opener for America! In the 81st minute, Leonel Miranda gets booked for arguing. 1 minute later, Camilo Sanvezzo scores a golazo for Xolos! 4 minutes later, Miller Bolanos gets booked for time wasting. Fernando Arce Jr. replaces him and Renato Ibarra scores the winner for America! Renato Ibarra gets replaced by Fernando Gonzalez. In the last few seconds, Giovani dos Santos seals the win for America!

The player of the match is…

Renato Ibarra!
He had the winning goal and the assist for Giovani dos Santos’ last second chip.

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