Erzgebirge Aue vs. VfB Stuttgart


#1 Martin Mannel (GK)(C)

#3 Marko Mihojevic, #26 Soren Gonther, #4 Fabian Kalig

#8 Tom Baumgart, #5 Clemens Friedrich, #17 Philipp Riese, #20 Calogero Rizzuto

#7 Jan Hochscheidt

#10 Dimitrij Nazarov, #14 Philipp Zulechner


#1 Gregor Kobel (GK)

#24 Borna Sosa, #28 Holger Badstuber, #5 Nathaniel Phillips, #15 Pascal Stenzel

#8 Gonzalo Castro, #16 Atakan Karazor, #21 Philipp Klement

#10 Daniel Didavi (C)

#31 Mateo Klimowicz, #22 Nicolas Gonzalez



expulsion: Borna Sosa 67′

The game kicks off in Aue, Germany with Stuttgart. In the 2nd minute, Nicolas Gonzalez fouls Martin Mannel by slide tackling. In the 5th minute, Calogero Rizzuto fouls Pascal Stenzel. In the 8th minute, Nicolas Gonzalez attemps a bicycle kick but makes a terrible fail. In the 9th minute, Nathaniel Phillips fouls a Erzgebirge player. In the 10th minute, Borna Sosa makes a ridiculous slide tackle to earn a yellow card. In the 14th minute, Philipp Klement went try hard but he tried too hard and was caught offsides. In the 16th minute, Calogero Rizzuto’s great from outside the box goes just an inch above the crossbar. In the 18th minute, Martin Mannel makes a easy save for his first save of the game. In the 21st minute, Martin Mannel blocks an easy chance from Daniel Didavi. 2 minutes later, Martin Mannel makes a bottom corner block.

In the 27th minute, Holger Badstuber gets booked for a silly foul when Erzgeberge could’ve created a big a chance. In the 32nd minute, there’s a nasty collision in the Erzgebirge box between a striker and a defender on different teams. In the 35th minute, the referee gets megged by a Stuttgart player. In the 44th minute, Phillip Klement misses an easy scoring chance with his head. The first half ends 0-0. In the 45+3rd minute, Gonzalo Castro gets a yellow card. At halftime, Silas Wamangituka replaces Mateo Klimowicz for Stuttgart.

In the 49th minute, a Stuttgart defender blocks a shot. In the 59th minute, Tom Baumgart makes a little bit of good defending. In the 62nd minute, Gonzalo Castro gets fouled. 1 minute later, Florian Kruger replaces Dimitrij Nazarov for Erzgebirge. In the 67th minute, Borna Sosa gets a red card after a dive in the penalty box. In the 74th minute, Pascal Testroet replaces Philipp Zulechner for Aue. In the 80th minute, Philipp Riese gets booked for a foul. For 2 minutes, the Erzgebirge fans start a fire which paused the game for 2 minutes. In the 88th minute, Nicolas Gonzalez gets booked for Stuttgart for a dive. The game ends 0-0.

Martin Mannel! He made 5 saves and 2 punches.

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