Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Fortuna Dusseldorf


#1 Kevin Trapp (GK)

#19 David Abraham (C), #20 Makoto Hasebe, #13 Martin Hinteregger

#24 Danny da Costa, #28 Dominik Kohr, #17 Sebastian Rode, #10 Filip Kostic

#15 Daichi Kamada

#39 Goncalo Paciencia, #7 Dejan Jovelijc


#24 Zack Steffen (GK)

#23 Niko Giesselmann, #3 Andre Hoffmann, #5 Kaan Ayhan, #25 Matthias Zimmermann

#7 Oliver Fink (C), #13 Adam Bodzek

#9 Dawid Kownacki, #6 Alfredo Morales, Erik Thommy

#28 Rouwen Hennigs

FRA 2 Bas Dost 56′ Goncalo Paciencia 86′

DUS 1 Rouwen Hennings 36′

In the 1st minute, Filip Kostic gets fouled. In the 4th minute, Erik Thommy’s free kick helps his teammate score but there was a foul. In the 5th minute, Kevin Trapp makes an important save and Daichi Kamada takes two free kicks. In the 21st minute, Zack Steffen makes 2 great saves. In the 24th minute, Kaan Ayhan gets booked for a foul on Filip Kostic. In the 26th minute, Daichi Kamada gets booked for a foul. In the 36th minute, Rouwen Hennigs makes an excellent header and didn’t have to move which makes it 1-0.

At halftime, Bas Dost replaces Dejan Jovelijc. In the 49th minute, Andre Hoffmann gets booked. In the 51st minute, Dominik Kohr gets booked for a foul. In the 56th minute, Bas Dost makes a classic header and gets it past Zack Steffen! 1-1. In the 64th minute, Adam Bodzek gets booked. In the 65th minute, Mijat Gacinovic replaces Sebatsian Rode and Jean Zimmer replaces Dawid Kownacki. In the 76th minute, Kenan Karaman and Thomas Pledl replaces Erik Thommy and Rouwen Hennings. In the 85th minute, Goncalo Paciencia just misses the goal. In the 86th minute, Goncalo Paciencia slips it inti the opposite corner, Zack Steffen’s foot was too late. The game ends 2-1.

The player of the match is…

Goncalo Paciencia! He had a goal and an assist that got all 3 points.

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