Freiburg stadium change

FC Augsburg English tweets about their last game at Schwarzwaldstadion (Freiburg’s stadium)

Freiburg is going to be changing stadiums at least before Augsburg is playing their next game against Freiburg. The current capacity is 24000 for league matches and 18000 for international matches. This is going to be a big game for Florian Niederlechner as it is his former team’s stadium.

Posted by Augsburg English

Augsburg lineups
Freiburg starting XI

Posted by Freiburg:

Translation: Goooooooal! Lucas Holer dry from an acute angle in the short corner!
Translation: Flo Niederlechner scores to equalize
Translation: Half
Go on
Translation: What a chance but unfortunately not the goal from Nicolas Holer
Incomprehesible! Nils Petersen head to the post…
Finally… there was no luck in the end.
Translation: Thanks, Flo Niederlechner!

The game ends with a point for both teams.

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