Fortuna Dusseldorf vs. FC Koln

Fortuna lineups:

#24 Zack Steffen (GK)

#25 Matthias Zimmermann, #5 Kaan Ayhan, #4 Kasim Adams, #23 Niko Giesselmann

#13 Adam Bodzek, #6 Alfredo Morales

#39 Jean Zimmer, #7 Oliver Fink (c), #15 Erik Thommy

#28 Rouwen Hennings

Koln lineups:

#1 Timo Horn (GK)

#34 Noah Katterbach, #5 Rafael Czichos, #33 Sebastian Bornauw, #19 Kingsley Ehizibue

#14 Jonas Hector, #28 Ellyes Skhiri

#24 Dominick Drexler, #13 Loius Schaub, #11 Kingsley Schnidler

#9 Simon Terrode

First Half

The game kicks off and first, a substitution happens in the 8th minute with Noah Katterbach coming off and being replaced by Marco Hoger. Later, in the 21st minute, Timo Horn makes a easy catch for a very far shot from Fortuna. Soon after that in the 24th minute, Kingsley Shindler fouls Rouwen Hennings. After the free kick, Rouwen Hennings hits the post with his header! 2 minutes later, Kingsley Ehizibue gets a yellow card for a foul. Just 1 minute later, Koln’s Simon Terrode gets a yellow card for arguing. in the 31st minute, Fortuna’s Niko Giesselmann has poor control of the ball leading to it going out of bounds.

In the 38th minute, Rafael Czichos commits a foul in the penalty box. It only took 2 seconds for the referee that there was going to be a penalty. Later, Rouwen Hennings converts the penalty! Now, Fortuna is up 1-0! 2 minutes after that, Koln could’ve had a penalty but the referee waved play on. At the end of the first half, it is Fortuna 1, Koln 0.

Second half

The second half begins, and Fortuna has the advantage bacause of the penalty goal. 3 minutes later, Fortuna shows off great skill with a fancy pass. Another 2 minutes later, Koln gets their first corner. Another 2 minutes later, Fortuna makes a fair tackle. Marco Hoger thought it was a penalty so he argued just to get a yellow card. In the 56th minute, Erik Thommy suffers some pain from his own slide tackle and gets cleated on the foot. 2 minutes later, Erik Thommy is already up and running. In the 60th minute, Zack Steffen wins a one on one against Koln.

5 minutes after he got hurt, Erik Thommy scores even with his hurt foot!! In the 63rd minute Jhon Cordoba replaces Dominick Drexler. 4 minutes later, Andre Hoffmann replaces Oliver Fink who does get applause. Jean Zimmer makes a very good interception leading to a chance in the 70th minute. 4 minutes later, Erik Thommy commits a foul Kingsley Schindler. Soon, Zack Steffen gets applause from the Fortuna fans for catching a corner just to make sure Koln doesn’t stand a chance. In the 78th minute, Jean Zimmer gets replaced by Dawid Kownacki.

Just one minute later, Anthony Modeste replaces the injured Kingsley Schindler. In the 81st minute, Alfredo Morales gets applause and is replaced by Marcel Sobottka. Fortuna gets even more applause for some good play. 2 minutes later, Rouwen Hennings has such a great shot but it goes just off. In the 86th minute, Adam Bodzek does deserve the yellow card. In the 89th minute, Jhon Cordoba makes a bad foul but surprisingly he doesn’t get in the book. The game ends Fortuna 2 Koln 0.

I think the player of the match is…

Erik Thommy!!! He scored the goal when he was still recovering and had a few good plays.

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