Pachuca vs Chivas



It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I’m going to start them up again with this game.

Pachuca Lineups

#13 Alfonso Blanco (GK)

#6 Raul Lopez, #21 Gustavo Cabral, #23 Oscar Murillo, #14 Erick Aguirre (D)

#16 Jorge Hernandez (C) (DM)

#30 Romario Ibarra, #33 Luis Chavez, #9 Rubens Sambueza, #7 Victor Davila (AM)

#29 Franco Jara (ST)


#4 Antonio Rodriguez (GK)

#17 Jesus Sanchez, #21 Hiram Mier, #30 Gilberto Sepulveda, #16 Miguel Ponce (D)

#26 Fernando Beltran, #20 Jesus Molina (DM)

#11 Isaac Brizuela, #10 Javier Lopez, #7 Alexis Vega (AM)

#9 Jose Macias (ST)

The game starts with a few chances for Pachuca but the defense helps block them.

3:20 Jose Macias attempts a bicycle kick the goes just by the upper corner! First big chance of the game.

12:14 Romario Ibarra’s shot get deflected just wide!

13:28 Pachuca misses a big corner chance.

23:25 Great skill by Pachuca but he gets dispossessed.

27:55 It seemed like there was some ping pong going on in the Pachuca.

28:56 Pachuca takes a shot from just out of the box and it gets deflected just wide! That was only lucky for Chivas.

35:24 Great skill from Chivas! They move forward because of it.

36:07 HOW DID CHAVEZ MISS THAT HEADER! It went way over the bar!

37:56 Franco Jara’s shot also gets deflected!

41:47 Pachuca’s Raul Lopez gets booked for a foul from behind Alexis Vega.

The first half ends 0-0. It could have been 3-1.

HT Jesus Angulo replaces Alexis Vega.

53:42 Oscar Murillo is booked

55:13 great strategy from Sambueza but Ibarra fails him.

58:00 Uriel Antuna comes on for Brizuela

60:14 First good save by Rodriguez.

69:54 What great chances for Chivas! They all miss.

71:02 Ferando Beltran gets a yellow card.

76:47 Franco Jara’s shot goes just over! I’m surprised this game has been scoreless!

80:16 Roberto de la Rosa replaces Franco Jara for Pachuca.

84:29 Chivas’ easy shot goes way over the bar.

90:15 Yellow for Jesus Angulo.

The game ends 0-0.

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