FC Koln vs Dusseldorf

Koln will start most of the usual players other than Ismail Jakobs.

Fortuna will start Florian Kastenmeier in goal and the other regulars.


I am expecting a 1-1 draw based off of the players and their positions.

First Half

The game begins pretty peaceful and not many chances. But in the 10th a defender just about saves his team from conceding a first against Koln. 11 minutes later Timo Horn dives forward to get to Karaman’s powerful shot. In the 41st minute, Karaman takes a shot that is deflected away from the goalie into the net! The first half ends 1-0.

Second Half

The second half begins with a decent catch by Horn 5 minutes in. Not one minute later, Kastenmeier makes a save. In the 57th there is confusion in the box and Mark Uth is given a penalty. But Kastenmeier saves his team and the ball goes into the Koln net by Thommy 3 minutes later. In the 88th minute, Modeste gets a headed goal for Koln. 3 minutes later, Cordoba gets the equalizer!!! I was not expecting that to happen. The game ends 2-2.

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