Paderborn vs Dortmund 1-6!

I had a prediction thet Dortmund would win 0-4.

Dortmund will not play with Erling Haaland so Thomas Delany will replace him.

The game begins with much more Paderborn attack than Dortmund. In the 15th minute, Dortmund finally gets an attack but Zingerle stops it. In the 36th minute, a Paderborn mishit leads to an easy Dortmund corner. The very uneventful first half ends 0-0. It seems like I won’t get it right today.

The second half is starting and hopefully Dortmund will pull off a win. 4 minutes later, Zingerle makes a great foot save to keep it 0-0. In the 52nd minute, Hazard just misses infront of the goal. 2 minutes later, he finally converts a rebound for the first goal of the game! It only took another two minutes for Sancho to grab a second goal for Dortmund! Sancho takes off his jersey to reveal a shirt in George Floyd’s honor.

In the 72nd minute Uwe Hunemeier gets a goal for Paderborn. I didn’t even have time to type this before Sancho got his 2nd. In the 85th minute, Hakimi gets himself a goal into the bottom corner! As an extra, Sancho collects a hat-trick in the 90+1st.

The game ends 1-6 so I guess my prediction was a bit far off but I am happy.

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