Guard1anes 2020 Match 1 Necaxa vs. Tigres

The games begins in Aguascalientes, Mexico and in the 10th minute, Tigres controls the ball terribly and gives Necaxa a chance but the guy wastes it. In the 13th minute, Pizarro runs into the box but passes out to Quinones and crosses. Gignac finishes it off with a beautiful header!

Just 4 minutes later, a corner is taken and Gignac nearly gets another header goal. In the 23rd minute, a player feeds the ball into the box but Malagon makes a good dive and stops Quinones from shooting. In the 37th minute David Cabrera is booked for sliding on Pizarro. Vargas gets a goal soon after. The first half ends 0-2.

In the 55th minute, Gignac nutmegs a player which goes to the goal but Malagon just barely saves it! In the 80th minute, Gignac gets a goal to add to their collection!

The game ends 0-3 with a win for Tigres.

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