Pumas UNAM vs. Juarez (Bravos)

After UNAM got Talavera as a new goalie Pumas has been doing significantly better 🙂

The game begins and Juarez makes the first foul 4 minutes in. 2 minutes later. Erick Castillo makes a defensive foul and earns a yellow card. After VAR he is given a red card. Bravos is down to 10 men already. A forward doing a bad job defending :0 The free kick hits the post.

Bravos takes a corner and the shot is easily caught by Tala. Bravos gets a free kick and Tala misjudges it but it misses. In the 40th minute Francisco Nervarez nudges Dinneno on an obvious chance for a second red card for Juarez! The free kick is blocked by the wall. The first half ends 0-0 but with two red cards.

At halftime, Juan Iturbe replaces Rivas on Pumas. Pumas is awarded a penalty in the 53rd minute. In the 54th minute, Carlos Gonzalez scores the penalty! Edmundo Vazquez dove the wrong way anyway. Juan Iturbe’s 58th minute free kick goes just over the goal! In the 65th minute, Maxi Oliviera scores a great goal! A far out free kick by the defender hits the post and goes in!

Sebastian Saucedo replaces Favio Alvarez for UNAM. Iturbe is given the first yellow card of the game because of a 74th minute foul. In the 77th minute, Amaury Moreno replaces Johan Vazquez for UNAM.

In the 90+1st minute, Pumas is awarded another penalty after Dinneno fell down in the box. After VAR, Dinneno is instead given a yellow card for diving. The game ends 1-1.

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