Stuttgart Stun Dortmund

Dortmund were absolutely outclassed today. Absent its rudder, Erling Haaland, the Reus-helmed side are adrift. Roman Burki kept the squad in the game for the first hour of play with several key saves, including a diving highlight six minutes in. Other than the few minutes either side of the halftime break, Stuttgart’s dangerous counter-attack dominated this game, in spite of lack of possession. Stuttgart shredded the Borussian defense at will, leaving the Black and Yellow looking rather Black and Blue.

Stuttgart’s first tally came in the first half hour on a deserved penalty from Wamangituka. Klimowicz caught the whole defensive line asleep. Can earned a booking from his desperation challenge and Wamangituka coolly converted from the spot. Old Dortmund showed some life after a brilliant touch from Reyna found the back of the net in the 39th minute. Once level, the BVBees appeared ready to swarm.

The break appeared to put a spark back into Dortmund. However, that spark fizzled when sloppy play created a disastrous turnover in the box. Mangala fed Wamangituka bang in front of pay dirt for the go-ahead goal. Forster’s finish less than ten minutes later, opened the floodgates. Coulibaly’s great play was rewarded minutes later. Cool as a Cucumber, Tanguy Coulibaly faced down Hummels and finished with a brilliant touch that tucked into the post just behind Burki. Gonzalez’s dagger slayed mighty Dortmund in extra time. 1-5. That’s right, FÜNF. FIVE goals allowed, at home.

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